A list of credits I have accumulated through my freelance work, in a variety of roles.


Cardiac Risk in the Young: Media City                                                           Videographer

(Charity Event)


Organiser: Mario Dubois


BBC: Watchdog: Live                                                                                                 Runner

(Live Television)


BBC Sport: Commonwealth Games                                                                          Runner

(Live Broadcast)


DTF?                                                                                                            Camera Operator

(Feature Documentary)

Dir. Alan Bailley


Production Company: Jump Seat Productions


It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels                      Second Assistant Director

(Feature Film)

Dir. David Luke Rees


Production Company: Honky Tonk Film Ltd

Producer: Serena Armitage

Producer: Robyn Forsythe

Exec. Producer: Bennet Mghee


BBC Sport: Winter Olympics                                                                                     Runner

(Live Broadcast)



Foreshaw Media                                                                                               Videographer

Live Theatrical Performance


Royal Northern College of Music                                                                    Videographer


Rehearsals and Live Performance


Mobiles.co.uk                                                                                   First Assistant Director


Dir: Christopher John Reith


Production Company: Epiphany Solutions

Producer: Billy Burgoyne


Get Film                                                                                           Freelance Videographer


Dir: Joshua Kerr


Production Company: Get Film

Producer: Matthew Peart


Demon Eye                                                                                       First Assistant Director

(Feature Film)

Dir. Ryan Simons


Production Company: Quickfoot Media

Producer: Jamie Cymbal


Transfer                                                                                                Production Assistant

(Short Film)

Dir. Ben Hutchinson


Production Company: Penny Production              


Luke Helly                                                                                                   Camera Operator



Omen Veezy                                                                                               Assistant Camera

(Music Video)


Keeper                                                                                                    Production Manager

(Short Film)

Dir. Tim Benjamin


Production Company: East View Films

Producer: Lydia Wheatley


Nathan Codrington                                                                                     Camera Operator



Warriors                                                                                                 Production Manager

(Photography Shoot)

Photographer: Mike Shawcross


Production Company: This Thing Called Photography


Beatherder Festival: Official Video 2017                                                        Videographer

(Live Events)

Dir. Lea Gratch


Production Company: JUJU Films


BBC Work Experience: Watchdog Live                                                Runner/Researcher



Production Company: BBC


Street School Dance Studio                                                                            Videographer


Dir. Noah Chebouli


CBBC: Creeped Out                                                   3rd Assistant Director/Floor Runner


Dir. Steve Hughes


Production Company: CBBC


Doorways                                                                                          First Assistant Camera

(Short Film)

Dir. Votre Williams


Production Company: Optimum Film Productions

Producer: Ed Murphy


'Mama's on the Run' - Papa Soul                                                       Production Assistant

(Music Video)

Dir. Ben Hutchinson


Production Company: Penny Productions

Producer: South Yorkshire Film Network


'Never Forget We're Here/Tales from the East' - Tobi Sunmola   First Assistant Director

(Music Video)

Dir. Luke Logan


Production Company: Foundry Film Studios

Producer: Madeleine Penfold


Amir Sadeghi Konjani: Concerto                                                              Camera Operator



Production Company: BBC World


Judgement                                                                       Second Assistant Camera & D.I.T

(Short Film)


Production Company: Jay Robey Media


Sticky Times                                                                                                                  Editor

(Television Pilot)

Dir. Votre Williams


Production Company: Optimum Film Productions


Tommo, Dick & Harry                                                     Second Assistant Camera & D.I.T


Dir. Steve Nesbitt


Production Company: Prime Studios

Producer: Nardia Hall


Mind Your Language                                                                       First Assistant Director

(Online Web Series)

Dir. Lee Anthony Reilly


Production Company: K-Online Television

Producer: Beatrice Kabera


Optimum Film Productions                                            Production Crew/In-House Editor

(Production Company)

Dir. Votre Williams



Sticky Times                                                                                    First Assistant Director


Dir. Votre Williams


Production Company: Optimum Film Productions


Aspire Fitness Clothing                                                      Photographer & Videographer



Smooth Edge: Midland Hotel                                                                          Videographer

(Live Events)


K-Online Television                                                                                   Camera Operator



The Monotony of the Status Quo                                                            Assistant Camera

(Short Film)

Dir. Lee Anthony Reilly


Production Company: elL-ARr Productions


METHOD Conference                                                                                      Videographer (Documentation)



British Youth Film Academy                                                                       Student & Extra